It is amazing how sight is our primary sense we use to filter the world and yet how little we use it to see the people we care so much about. To be seen, truly seen, is one of the most truly awe-inspiring gifts we can offer someone.

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i’ll never forget this moment for the rest of my life. There we were, sitting across from each other in school practicing something that made everyone incredibly uncomfortable at the start – for 5-10 minutes, while a specific passage was being read, looking deeply into someones eyes non stop.

So there we sat, and when I finally relaxed, I was able to feel into this person I’ve never met before. Breathing…tensions releasing…feeling.

The most interesting part out of this whole experience came when the exercise ended. She looked at me and said something I will never forget. “There’s a depth to you thousands of feet deep…and there’s the playfulness of a young child, and at the exact same time, I could feel just how much pain you are in.”

I choked on these words. Those moments make something inside you quiver and shake…and I have to be honest with you…

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